Delivered with your lunches and dinners.

Lite and healthy snacks to get you through the later afternoon so you don't go home HUNGRY!

NEW!  Pain Train Salsa! Medium, Perfect Hot and Green Go!

Please specify in the Notes section what kind of fruit you would like.



Fresh Fruit (GF)Your choice of a medium apple, 2 easy peel oranges, red grapes, banana, ruby red grapefruit sections or pineapple. Please specify in the Notes section what your choice is.$1.00
Fresh Veggies with Hummus (GF)A variety of 4-5 raw veggies.$2.25
Edamame in the Shell (GF)Sprinkled with sea salt.$2.25
Healing Broth – 4 Cups (Vegan) (W30) (GF)$12.00
Hard Boiled Egg$1.00
Steel Cut OatmealTopped with almond milk. Garnished with blueberries on the side.  $4.50