Better Body in a Brown Bag is owned and operated by Jennifer Lobel. Her philosophy is to eat healthy and exercise most of  the week and splurge a little here and there. Better Body in a Brown Bag has everything in place to let you do this. Lunch is healthy and delicious and gets delivered daily to your workplace, taking the guess work out of eating a healthy lunch Monday through Friday.

To keep your day moving along , Dinner is also available.  Monday through Friday, a menu featuring “Lite Dinners” for you and your whole family is available.  Whether you order a lunch, dinner, or both, all will be delivered no later than 12 noon.  Earlier delivery times will be attempted to account for teacher’s schedules.

When you are in the mood to splurge, check out the “Comfort Food” menu.  It changes weekly but some of the favorites are available all the time.

Better Body in a Brown Bag can also provide “group” lunches for that next meeting or workshop, so no need to order out for unhealthier options.  Gift Certificates are available for that friend or co-worker who may need some help with meals or for that special teacher just to say thank you!

Better Body in a Brown Bag is currently being delivered in Montgomery County.  This site will be updated as more areas are added to the delivery route.

Orders must be placed no later than 7 p.m. the evening prior, except Sundays which is 8 p.m.

All orders must be placed online and paid for online using a check card, credit card or Pay Pal unless other arrangements are made.